1. J

    Bafang BBS02 inaccurate battery capacity detection

    Hello, after spending a long time researching I recently decided to purchase and install a Bafang 750W BBS02 kit which I paired with a 48V 17AH battery and L200 Bluetooth display Almost everything is working great except the unit seems to be very inaccurate when it comes to detecting how much...
  2. M

    Gears - Top gears not working - BBS02

    Hello, Ive posted here before and everyone was very helpful, so thank for that. I have a trek 7x which i fitted with a bbs02 with a gear sensor. However, The 2 highest gears will not stay in gear, and will continually slip down, cause the engine to briefly shut off, and then regear itself. I...
  3. H

    homemade 2 wheel long wheelbase recumbent

    As the tile suggests I have built myself a long wheelbase recumbent. 2 wheels, each 26", suspension front and back. It has my 750 watt BBS02 mid drive motor installed on it. It just needs a couple finishing touches then once the snow melts I get to learn how to ride it.
  4. aledoctors

    No Power BBS02 750W

    Hi, I have problems with my ebike with mefio bafang bbs02 750w motor. I do not know why, it stopped turning on. What I want is to know if there is algu link where you explain me a follow-up, complete diagnosis to be able to isolate the problem. Thank you in advance for your help and time.
  5. HillAversion

    Just Ordered Bafang BBS02 Kit

    Yikes. I think I’m up to this, but I hope I’m not wrong. I ordered the kit today with the motor, battery, charger, brake sensor, gear sensor, etc. I also ordered some bike tools I didn’t have. I’m no bike mechanic, but I can work with tools. I think I’ll be okay if I take my time and be...
  6. C

    ERROR CODE 21 BBS02 Found speed sensor wire rubbed

    Well need some Help ! BBS02 Speed Sensor ERROR 21. I found a rub mark on the wire coming out of the motor to the sensor . I think whats going on is one of the 3 fine wires in that cable has broke. My light comes on indicating the sensor is seeing the dowell on the spoke, but spinning the...
  7. T

    BBS02 500C display issue

    My 500C display turned off mid ride and the bike died. I was able to charge the battery like normal to a full 57V. I see 57V using a multimeter at the cable going into the display. So seems the battery harness is fine. Thought for sure it was just a dead display but I ordered a new one, and that...
  8. D

    need bafang bbs02 download software

    need link to download software bafang bbs02
  9. M

    Gear sensor installation went wrong - bbs02

    Ive installed the bbs02 gear sensor as per youtube video instructions, however I did damage the cable a bit when I removing the housing, and had to remove some strands from the cable, I hoped that wouldnt matter? And now, I can no longer use my 3 lowest gears. The bike thinks I only have 6 gears...
  10. Darsh

    BBS02 PAS pulsing ?

    Installed brand new bbso2 with 500c, everything works great except when pedaling no matter what gear or power level it is in it pulses power (seen on display) , every left side down stroke I loose all power and then on up stroke I gain it back . I've unplugged brake sensors, shift sensor...
  11. M

    Starter Questions and Gear shifting problem Bafang BBS02

    Hello ebike forum, Ive installed a bbs02 mid drive on my trek 7x, heres some bits im not sure about that have popped up. 1) I needed to fit the chainring what looks like its is back to front, as there wasnt enough clearing on the frame to fit it the other way, is that ok? It has been running...
  12. T

    Setting Low voltage cutoff for 52v system on BBS02

    Just finished my build with a BBS02 with a 52v battery. I have been programming and tweaking the settings. I purchased from a vendor who set up some programming before I got it. Was asked for Agressive/moderate riding and chose moderate. I assume the voltage for the cutoff was matched to the...
  13. Humy

    TREK MTB with BBS02 Max acceptable heat

    Hello everyone, I’m new here and I’m hoping to get your help! I’ve got an MTB with 7 rear gears and a BBS02 750W set at 24Amps max current draw with the 860C display 9PAS, along with a 44T front Chainring. I use my E-bike for commuting mainly to work and back with a distance of 16 to 20 miles...
  14. T

    Bacchetta Corsa E Bike Bafang 750Watt BBS02

    I decided to build an ebike, I found a 2010 Corsa than had just a few miles on it. I ordered a Bafang 750Watt BBS02 with a DPC-18 display and a 48 volt Jumbo Whale Shark battery all from EBike-Essentials. I used a California E Bike motor bracket and T Cycle Fully Configurable battery mount with...
  15. C

    What is the Red Connector from motor Bafang 750W BBS02

    I know the yellow connector is for the gear shifting cut off, but there is no explanation what the red connector is used for.
  16. K

    Bafang BBS02 lubrication.

    Ignore all the Youtube videos showing these motors being packed with grease, watch this link for the correct way to lubricate at the end. IMHO.
  17. T

    New to E-bikes - Bafang BBS02 750w

    Installed a Bafang BBS02 750w mid drive kit on my Bacchetta,DPC_18LCD display, 48v 20.3Ah Whale Shark battery. With display set 0-9 setting # 2 and riding at 17 to 18 mph the power meter on the display never moves no matter how hard I mash the pedals. And after 40 miles range reads something...
  18. T

    Lowest Voltage Bafang 750W BBS02 will run at?

    With a Bafang 750W BBSO2 mid drive what is the lowest voltage the motor will run? Taking bike out for the first time tomorrow.
  19. H

    Homemade delta trike on 20" wheels using a BBS02 mid drive

    Using the Atomic Zombie plans for inspiration I built myself a Delta trike equipped with 20" wheels. It has underseat steering and runs a 750 watt Bafang BBS02 mid drive. Currently 8 speed rear and a 52 tooth Lekkie bling ring up front. Avid BB7 rear disc brakes provide stopping power. The mesh...
  20. G

    Looking for driver download for bbs02

    Link to bbs02 drivers?