1. H

    Riding on ice

    I had recently refurbished and old mtn bike. Put a BBS02 mid drive on it and found a used set of Schwalbe ice spiker tires 26 by 2'1". I live about 100 miles north of Grand Forks N. Dak. and we have been experiencing a heat wave. Much of our snow cover has melted due to over a week of above...
  2. M

    Yanked a cable, now wont turn on bbs02

    My bike was working fine, i pulled it out from behind some stuff, and some of the cables around the handlebars snagged on something. Not realising i yanked the bike a bit and now it wont turn on. I think this is strange because none of the cables that got snagged were the power cable? It...
  3. L

    BBS02 - motor spins in cold weather, doesn't deliver power.

    My BBS02 motor has intermittently not been delivering power to the crank, when it gets cold. The motor revs up high, but doesn't deliver power. It was happening some at 20F, more at 10F. Then when I shift, so the shift sensor temporarily turns the power off, the motor may engage, or it stops...
  4. campsmith

    Hello , I just joined I need help down loading bafang programming

    I can not figure out how to down load software for programing my bafang controller could you help me please ?
  5. C

    Bafang BBS02 software connection issue

    Hello. This is my first post to the forum. I have just converted my old mtb to an eBike using the above kit. It's 90% complete and I am now trying to check and reset some of the settings in the controller and having a problem connecting to the controller. I am using the LUNA programming...
  6. Y

    Bafang BBS02 keeps turning off

    Hi all, New to this forum and new to ebikes. I have a Nihola cargo tricycle that has had a Bafang conversion done. It is a second hand bike. It is fitted with a generic 48V lithium battery. Basically when the battery is charged, everything works, but once it drops to 48-49V, it starts...
  7. HillAversion

    Taming the BBS02 Beast

    I tend to ride with my Bafang BBS02 in PAS 1, but I’m finding even that to be too much power when i need to ride slowly due to trail conditions or slow rolling riding buddies. I also need to tamp down the ghost pedaling at low speed. i just ordered a control cable and downloaded the programming...
  8. RUSH89

    BBS02b clicking noise, please help

    Hello all I have installed a new Bafang BBS02b this week and done just over 50 miles on it. However the motor has developed a clicking sound when the motor engages. This can be via throttle only or via peddle assist. Has anyone else had this issue or know how to rectify this please? I have...
  9. dhdallas

    Speeed App BBS02/BBSHD questions

    I have a new BBS02 with the 850c display. I selected 5 levels of PAS on the display. When I plugged in the Speeed app it showed 9 levels and no way to change it to 5. How do I tweak my settings for 5 levels when it continues to show 9? I have an older BBSHD set for 7 levels and the Speeed app...
  10. M

    Bafang BBS02B 48 V 750 W with DM03 Display - Error 30 (and 40, 50, 54, 64, 68 :/)

    Hi all! I am new to the wonderfull world of DIY ebikes and excited to be part of this community! However, I am not posting today for a very good reason :/ 2 weeks ago I have installed a Bafang BBS02B 48 V 750 W with DM03 Display on a brand new commuter bike I have bought specifically for this...
  11. dhdallas

    Throttle Settings in Speeed App for Bafang BBS02

    I want to be able to use 100% power with the Thumb Throttle regardless of what Pedal Assist Level I am in. I am using 9 PAS levels with the Current starting at 10% & incrementally increasing to 100% by Level 9. The maximum speed for each level is set at 100%. The Throttle Mode is set to...
  12. I

    BBS02 750w only drawing 7.5 amps max

    I need some guidance on how to go about fixing my ebike. I have a year old 48v BBS02 750w mid drive with 1800 miles on it. 48v 20ah battery. I recently had a problem where it will only draw 7.5 amps max not matter what setting its on. It will still spin up to the RPM of whatever power level its...
  13. R

    Plug compatibility between BBS02 and M series Bafang systems.

    Is there plug compatibility between BBS02 and M series Bafang systems?
  14. DennisH

    Can I use a BBS02 light kit on my SMLRO Super Classic XDC600?

    Will the bbs02 light kit work on my 1000 Watt SMLRO Super Classic XDC600? I'm new to this and need to learn alot. Please help me.
  15. L

    36T chainring for BBS02 with about 5mm offset?

    Is there a 36T chainring for the BBS02 (500W) available that has about 5mm offset? Narrow-wide, preferably. The offset being the distance (towards the bike frame), between the surface of the chainring that contacts the motor, and the center of a chain that's on the chainring. I saw one that...
  16. A

    Bbs02 error 30

    I have a Bbs02. Nearly new. I turned it on and got error 30. So far I have opened the motor up and tested the hall sensors everything else looks good. Tried 3 new controllers and a new display and main cable. Speed sensor. Still got error 30 and it do not show the battery level in the bar but...
  17. S

    Bafang bbs02 display fine, motor dead

    Hi. My bbs02 w 3000 miles on it just stopped working. Display is live and getting power when turned on. PAS and throttle don’t work. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  18. J

    Bafang BBS02 inaccurate battery capacity detection

    Hello, after spending a long time researching I recently decided to purchase and install a Bafang 750W BBS02 kit which I paired with a 48V 17AH battery and L200 Bluetooth display Almost everything is working great except the unit seems to be very inaccurate when it comes to detecting how much...
  19. M

    Gears - Top gears not working - BBS02

    Hello, Ive posted here before and everyone was very helpful, so thank for that. I have a trek 7x which i fitted with a bbs02 with a gear sensor. However, The 2 highest gears will not stay in gear, and will continually slip down, cause the engine to briefly shut off, and then regear itself. I...
  20. H

    homemade 2 wheel long wheelbase recumbent

    As the tile suggests I have built myself a long wheelbase recumbent. 2 wheels, each 26", suspension front and back. It has my 750 watt BBS02 mid drive motor installed on it. It just needs a couple finishing touches then once the snow melts I get to learn how to ride it.