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    Bafang 8Fun Programming Software & Guide (BBS02, BBSHD)

    If you own a Bafang mid-drive motor you may want to change a thing or two in the controller programming. You will need the program cable, and program software, available by logging in and clicking Download above.You will also need a Windows computer to run the software. Once you have your...
  2. BBS02 mountain ebike.JPG

    BBS02 mountain ebike.JPG

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    Luna BBS02

    My wife confiscated my BBS02 hardtail which has a 52V, 10 a-h battery, so I constructed a similar bike in order to ride with her. Already had a mid-80's Schwinn High Sierra frame (back yard reclamation) and the other parts for assembly including a $400 Luna BBS02. To make a long story short, I...
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    Bafang BBS02 Controller Stuck On?

    When ever I switch the battery on my bafang BBS02 750W ebike it takes off when the peddles are moving, I have no way to change the power level and I can't switch it to no PAS. Trying to program the controller doesn't change anything. Not sure how to fix this?
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    BAFANG BBS01/BBS02 Installation Manual

    Installation Guide for Bafang BBS01/BBS02 mid drive motor kits.
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    Bafang BBS02 secret wires - possibly for lights?

    When installing my BBS02 kit, I found some secret wires with clear plastic on them, are these for the lights by any chance? It would be nice to run some LED's off the battery for riding at night. Please see attached photo:
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    BBS02 Crank Intermittently Free Wheeling

    After riding around 8 km, the pedaling assist on my BBS02 will play up. Usually after high speed using PAS. The pedals continue in a forceful motion. I can stop it by standing on the pedal. After coasting to a stop, the crank will not engage the chain ( freewheels). The throttle assist works...
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    BBS02 On a Cargo Bike

    Hi there E-bikers! I currently own a BBS02 on an old K2 Zed which as been a wonderful experience so far. I have a 13 mile commute into work and in the past 4 months have put almost 900 miles on the bike. We are currently in the process of buying an Xtracycle long tail cargo bike so that the 2...
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    BBS02 secondary shaft ID

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    BBS02 Sizing Guide

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    Dying Bafang BBS02B

    I have assembled a Bafang BBS02B (750W) on a Bacchetta Corsa recumbent bicycle (see photos). The drive is less than a year and a half old and until 09/16/2019, it has been operating flawlessly. My Bafang edrive is now starting to buck, surge, and hesitate under power assist pedaling (and the...
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    Bacchetta Corsa with a Bafang BBS02B

    Name: Denny. Cyclist! and photographer, among other things. Ride recumbents. I assembled my Bacchetta Corsa with a Bafang BBS02B that has failed. Need help.
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    BBS02 kit on a bike with a 73mm Bottom Bracket

    Does the BBS02 kit fit on a bikes with a 73mm Bottom Bracket?
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    Longer chain for the the BBS02 kit?

    I'm using a 46T chain ring and I can't use the 1 or 2 lowest sprockets on the rear cassette? Do I need a longer chain?
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    Will it Fit? Best Bikes for the Bafang BBS02 Kit!

    There seems to be a lot of people asking if the Bafang BBS02 will fit a bike, so I've created this thread for people to post their successful builds using this kit! Nishiki Colorado 29er with 20" frame Surely Cross Check 2015 Trek DS 2015
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    My BBS02 kit review after riding 500miles (gearing, battery, range and some other tips)

    I've put over 500 miles on my bike fitted with the Bafang BBS02 mid drive kit. It's been going great with minimum maintenance and I haven't had to replace any of the drive train components. I'm powering my BBS02 kit with the 7Ah 52V Mighty Mini battery from Luna. The range with this battery is...
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    Bafang BBS02 has no power

    Just finished installing the battery and I turned on the display and it lit up for a second and then turned off. Now nothing, does anyone know what's going on?
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    How to disable the PAS (pedal assist system) on the Bafang BBS02 kit?

    How do I disable the PAS on my Bafang BBS02 mid drive kit? The pedal assist system (PAS) is like and ON or OFF switch and activates whenever the pedals spin. It feels dangerous when riding in the forest or when on the road in traffic. I don't want a burst of full power whenever the pedals spin...
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    Does the Bafang BBS02 mid drive fit on this bike?

    I am thinking of getting a BBS02 and putting on a GT Men's Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike. Does anyone here know if it will fit? Here's a picture of the bike.
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    What does BBSHD, BBS02 & BBS01 stand for?

    I've been trying to figure out what the Bafang drive system names actually mean. What does BBSHD and BBS02 & BBS01 actually stand for on the Bafang motors?