The Best 18650 Cells on the Market in 2020 - Price & Make?


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Jun 16, 2018
18650 Cell Prices

Typical prices are currently $3-6 USD per cell. If you’re paying $6 per cell make sure they’re 3.5Ah cells.

Best 18650 Cells on the Market in 2020

Right now the best cells on the market are Samsung 35E type 18650 cells. They have a low MDC but that’s ok in almost any e-bike, as long as they’re in 4 parallel or more.

Ebike Battery Tips
If you can get a good BMS that’s ideal but it’s hard to even find out what type is in a battery. Keep your battery as close to room temp as possible when not using it, and charge it to 80% or above about once per month. Don’t drain the battery all the way if you can help it.
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