Maybe the best 2 wheel drive utility E-MTB?


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1:09 AM
Mar 15, 2023
Mojave Desert, USA
I recently bought a "utility" e-mtb that can carry up to 400 pounds. It's mainly for hunting and exploring the old
mining roads of Nevada ghost towns.
It's an E-CELLS Super Monarch Crown 2 wheel drive, 2 batteries and dual suspension. After looking at all the other 2 wheel drive options I felt this E-CELLS e-mtb was the best in terms of quality components and the many features included for the modest $4,800. price before tax. Also the company headquarters are in Pahrump, Nevada, only 50 miles from my home in the Las Vegas valley.

It is an "international parts mix" of Japanese gear set, Korean batteries, US rear shock, Taiwanese wheels and Chinese frame and motors. Dave, the owner of E-CELLS wanted to give customers a reliable bike with parts that were not too pricey. But also he included a helmet, tool kit and small battery powered air pump as well as a small hand pump.
As a "geezer" I realized last October while hunting antelope on foot that the hunters on ATVs had a great distance advantage and thus my decision to get an e-mtb that could carry out me and the meat from big game.
So OK, at 95 pounds it ain't a nimble trail bike but more of a "Jeep" for very tough terrain and heavy loads.
That bike looks legit! I love the paint job on it. I feel like any E-bike with those powerful components has to be heavy. Hub motors and batteries alone carry a hefty amount of weight, and to strap two of each adds up quick. I have a Vulcan OG which also has dual motor, dual battery, full suspension, but it is more of a moped style frame. This bike weighs 10 pounds more at about 105. The power definitely can compensate the weight but I agree with you that running trails it can be difficult to maneuver, especially at slower speeds. Since it is more of a moped, saddle seat it is not as ergonomic for pedaling, however it does allow me to accommodate another rider very comfortably. I chose Vulcan, similar to why you chose the E-Cells, because they are local in Los Angeles and would make maintenance less of a hassle. One thing that I really enjoy about the Vulcan OG is that it comes equipped with a bright headlight, offering enough visibility during night riding and off-roading. Super helpful when I take it fly fishing up in the Sierras.

After going 2 wheel drive, I don't think I can go back to a single motor e-bike. The acceleration and hauling power is just too good. But I am curious what other AWD E-MTB are out there too!