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1:01 PM
Mar 15, 2023
Mojave Desert, USA
As posted here earlier I have an E-CELLS Super Monarch Crown e-mtb that is a true cargo e-mtb due to its 400 pound load capacity. I got it for big game hunting here in Nevada for traveling easily into the back country from my car camp and so I can haul boned-out big game meat after a successful harvest. It's also great for off grid bike camping. especially since I'm an ultralight backpacker as well and have all the gear I need for bike camping.
I'm very happy with the design and quality of components. It is a 2 wheel drive, 2 battery, dual suspension bike that has given me 35 miles on rough terrain with 15% still left in the batteries. I have no complaints about the Shimano DeOre gear set. Good quality and shifts easily.

BUT... if money were no object I'd like the same bike with a 12 speed PINION bottom bracket gearbox and a belt drive back to my rear hub motor. I'd want to retain the same 9 (nine) torque sensor pedal assist levels I have now. This is a very sturdy drive train and belt drives also last about 3 times longer than chains, needing only a good water wash when dirty.

Alas that PINION transmission is more expensive than my $5,100. bike :cry: But ya gotta admit it is the state-of-the-art e- mountain bike setup.
If readers think that $5,100. price, being much lower than the 2 wheel drive RAMBO Megatron, means lower quality then look at the E-CELLS website snd note the good quality of the bike's components - then look at the RAMBO Megatron, its standard components and its $7,300. price. "CAVEAT EMPTOR"
Your current torque sensor is likely part of the bottom bracket, so you would lose that with the Pinion.

Chains can be repaired with a master link and a small chain tool. They are also inexpensive, and compatible gears and sprockets are widely available.

Belts are spiffy keen, but IMO the juice is not worth the squeeze. Buy more battery or a solar charger instead.

So-called "state-of-the-art" equipment usually breaks a lot, or is frequently no longer manufactured because something "better" came along.