4Leaf custom Ultra E-MTB


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Oct 30, 2023
Hi, new to the forum but want to share my experience with 4leaf bikes (lfbikes.com, or hangzhou Linfeng sports technology on alibaba).
The bike I ordered was a custom “ultra” cf model. Every component was picked individually, including the Color. It’s got the bafang m620 ultra motor with 160Nm of torque and has easily climbed every hill I have thrown at it. I picked 2x 17.5Ah batteries and fast charger, it takes about 3 hrs to charge a battery. The bike wasn’t cheap but to buy a bike with the same components over here would have cost me double, almost triple.
So far, I have put 600km on it mostly trail, some bike path, the bike has performed perfectly. I have had it up to 65km/hr under its own power but backed off because the loose gravel started feeling a bit sketchy at that speed.
Most of my trail rides are with using assist at the lower spectrum of levels 0-9 available, typically, I have 80-85% battery remaining after the ride, so travelling 60-80 km on a battery is definitely attainable.
My verdict of this bike so far is great, it is of very high quality, arrived built to perfection and the support from 4leaf has been amazing.
If you’re in the market for a high quality emtb, 4leaf is there to make it happen on a budget.
Btw, my personal biking experience is I raced motocross for many years so I’m not afraid to get big air, I would take this beast on a track any day just to huck the jumps.


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