Tesgo hummer pro larger front sprocket?


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5:48 AM
Dec 23, 2021
I have a folding Ebike Tesgo hummer pro and when I'm in 5th using pedal assist I'm just freewheeling need a larger sprocket set but unsure how to go about that or where to get one. Any help would be great
Wanted to share my crank set replacement on my new Heybike Mars. I ride on paved streets with occasional hills. Even with the highest gear ratio I thought I was pedaling too fast. Purchased a larger (56 tooth vs. 48 tooth) CYSKY crank set on Amazon and replaced it with help from a couple of YouTube videos. Same chain used. Much nicer riding experience.
I highly recommend at least a crank puller which I see on Amazon for about $10. Some kits include other tools for not that much money. Without those tools, which really don't have the torque to do the job without causing a hernia, you begin by removing the crankset plug on the right side of the bike with an 8 mm 5-sided hex socket turning counter-clockwise. A hex socket that fits on the end of at least a 12-inch breaker arm helps. Then you insert the crank puller into those same threads clockwise, being very careful at the start to not ruin the aluminum threads on the crankset with the steel threads on the crank puller. Screw in the crank puller snugly, then insert the inside piece of the crank puller also clockwise until it bottoms out. At this point, a 14 mm hex socket with the breaker arm works best, turning clockwise, but a 5/8 wrench will do it as long as it is fairly long. Then refit the new crankset into place and re-install the 8mm crankset plug.

Watching a couple of YouTube videos helps.
Im going to change out the cassette to 11 - 32 that will help and if it's not enough I may go up 1 tooth on the front gear.
where would I find a 9-36
My local bike shop ordered it for me so i'm not sure, but a quick search only showed a few and Jenson was one of them,

Or somethin like this,
I could find only sprockets for my bike in additional 4- and 8-tooth versions. The 4-tooth was only a mild improvement. Even with an 8-tooth increase the spring-loaded rear derailleur still worked fine.

One thing I gained with the larger front sprocket (same with you and smaller gears in the rear) was the ability to use the lower mechanical gears (versus PAS levels), which is more like regular multi-speed equipped biking.