Tesgo Hummer Pro Programming


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Jul 16, 2023
Ottawa Canada
Hello Folks!

I just received my Tesgo Hummer Pro this week.

There is no manual that comes with the bike, and the new LCD screen is different than the one pictured so the old owners manual posted in this forum does not apply. I also have not found a single youtube video on anything I have mentioned below. Is anyone having the same issues with the newest models of Tesgo ebikes (hummer and STT) that started shipping this June 2023? Thanks for any comments!

Nothing is explained properly ex: how to adjust all the settings on the NEW 2023 Tesgo Hummer LCD screen which is obviously very important. There is a ton of information in there with no explantion at all of what these setting and changes the numbers does?
Or how to properly adjust the front and back suspension? Or how to adjust the tension on the chain so it doesnt fall off.
The list goes on and on. When I sepned $2500 on an EBike, it would be nice to know how to use it.
I have had my bike for a little under a week and some of the settings are self explanitory - but many are not.
Tesgo sells a good bike but it very frustrating trying to go through the old manual and find youtube videos on the display the ships with the new model. (as of June 2023 the hummers have an updated LCD)


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