Swytch kit install on a carbon fibre Trek 5500?


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9:03 AM
Jul 14, 2022
Am I going to chew up or destroy my front fork with a Swytch kit? Anyone have experience on carbon frames?
I am currently on the waitlist. In the meantime, shopping for mid-drive motor, CVT IGH with Gates belt for park trail riding. When and if i float to the top of the waitlist, I will post my outcome. One of my considerations is hoisting a bike overhead onto a Mini Cooper roof rack, so my carbon Trek seems the likely candidate for paved riding in the mountains. Nothing for trails is "hoistable" so the search continues....
Just put on an older model fuji carbon fork bike. Had to do a few modifications. 1) bought the 28mm kit, so needed to revamp bike from 23mm wheel to 28mm, needed new tube and tire, new front brake. Had to add a pair of washers to keep the heel from rubbing on the fork. but it's on and so far so good.