Simple Front Wheel Kit?


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10:45 PM
May 9, 2021
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a front wheel kit for a very old (1936 Mead) The bike has a typical rear coaster brake so, I don't need hand brakes. Just looking for a kit with the motor, charger, battery, throttle and a controller that will show how much juice is in the battery. Any recommendations would be great!

Thanks Rich!
Rich I suggest Amazon they have lots of kits. Try to find one with Samsung, LG or Sony cells in the battery supplied. It may cost a built more but trust me it will be money saved.
Try EBO Bike. If they have the batteries in by now their kits are super easy install and are complete using the previously mentioned quality battery cells. They had an order of 250 batteries with controller bases writing to be shipped to them last week.