Schwinn Sierra Currie Electro Drive not working

I purchased an old Schwinn Sierra with a factory installed Currie Electro Drive. It's currently not working. It looks like it has been left outside for years and needs to be checked over. Any ideas on what to check?


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Ah yes the Schwinn Sierra Currie Electro - these were the bikes that annoyed a lot of dealers. Schwinn wouldn't support them when they all stopped working. I have heard of one guy who manage to revived one. Good luck to you sir!
The Currie motor on the Schwinn Sierra is a brushed motor and a little bit noisy. There are some replacement motors for it. It's a left-hand free wheel. The original batteries are mostly lead but you can replace them with Li-Ion. Overvolting is possible to a certain extent and you can also change the gearing of the motor.