Raleigh Spirit step through - Ideas to get me started or a "lost cause" ...


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8:58 PM
Feb 19, 2023
My neighbor offered me a non-functioning Raleigh Spirit step through with a newer 48v battery, year 2017. It has a Currie drive system, up to now no one has been able to diagnose drive issue, much less fix. I've spent a few hours looking over the printed info and on internet searches. I think both Currie and Raleigh may be failed ebike operations? The later Spirits used Bosch drives. Any chance one of the popular mid drive kits would work?
But .... this bike would suit me! I'm 70 years plus, and unafraid technically. What, if anything, makes sense to do with this great frame (no disc brakes), and this newer 48v. 9 lb. TranX battery ... No need to be kind. Reino