Rize Bolt Bafang 500 battery replacement.



Are the Freedoh batteries available on Amazon compatible with my bikes. They appear to be physically identical to the originals and same amperage. The price is less than half the price of the original battery.
I have a Rize City MD. I also have a Raleigh Tekoa. I have replaced the Raleigh battery with UPP battery and mount/carriage/bracket/base with some wiring issues. I switch out the UPP battery with my Rize battery with no issues on my Raleigh.
If you could use the original mount/carriage/bracket/base, that would be great. My only concern would be the replacement of the mount/carriage/bracket/base. As long as both mount/carriage/bracket/bases have only two wires it should be fine.
I just looked up "Freedoh ebike battery" on Amazon. I tired a plastic wrapped battery on my Tekoa, with no results, no power to the bike. Some of the batteries say they are returnable, I am doubtful about that.
Yes, buying batteries online can be risky. I have noted after a disassembly of an online battery that the sellers tend to misrepresent the actual capacity of the batteries. I am not the only one who has noted this in their postings. The other day we had a guy who bought some batteries "rated" at 80 amp hour of capacity, they were less than 25 Amp Hour of capacity. (I suspect they were less than 10 Amp Hour). A 30 Amp Hour pack I bought, ended up being 20 Amp Hour of capacity.

It is definitely the "wild wild west" when it comes to battery resellers online. Some brands have become well-known for poor construction, or exaggerated specifications (like UPP), and have become banned for use in places like the UK and New York City.