Replace speed sensor Giant Yamaha SyncDrive Pro with a magnetic switch


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Feb 12, 2024
Madrid, spain
Hola, are you tired of buying and replacing the speed sensor or the cable of your ebike? In my case it was the second time it got broken and I decided to replace it for something much cheaper. A magnetic switch (less than 10 $) that works exactly the same as the original one which is very expensive. In this video
you can see the procedure. The references of the original replacements: 245MYAMH-02V (40 $ for a cable 700 mm with a magnetic switch in one end! Crazy!
LG650 X94-81670-20 (20 $) for a piece of cable 650 mm long

Hope this helps !!!!!!

Reed switch en Aliexpress 2 eur/$
Reed switch amazon:
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