Ridgeback Arcus ebike changing Kmh to Mph?


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Jul 31, 2021
Hi everyone, I have a Ridgeback Arcus ebike (aka Rock Machine from Czech) it is fitted with the Sport Drive system & a compact display on the handlebars. I have tried looking for a way to change the display from Kmh to Mph but have had no luck yet. There’s no info in the instructions & Ridgeback have not replied to my emails.
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Hi there did you figure out how to change from Kmh to Mph? Surely there is a way to do this, it seems like the most basic feature of any ebike controller.
Hi Anton, I finally received an email from Ridgeback and this was their reply:

Good afternoon David,
Unfortunately at this current time the display on your Arcus can not be changed to miles per hour, this may change in the future as Sportdrive update their firmware.

I would recommend having your local dealer update your bike as part of your service routine so you may gain this option when it is available.
Kind Regards

Ah no problems, that's unfortunate. At least there is a possibility that they will update the firmware in the future. You could use a smartphone GPS app for MPH in the meantime I guess.
Thanks for your suggestion Anton I will certainly consider that.