Replacing controller to add throttle


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Jan 22, 2024
My current controller:

6T36V15A-NJT-19 (36v 15a) controller​

This controller apparently doesn't have a input for throttle. If i was to swap out this controller for one with a throttle input would i be able to add a thumb throttle to my PAS bike? Or is there something im forgetting?

So long as my new controller is compatible with my battery I should be ok to add the extra load of a throttle to my PAS bike?

If you check the wiring yes that can be done and make sure to get one with the same wattage i haven't long done the very same the controller i was using stop working and i only had pas at the time and after changing the controller i got a throttle as i had the wire do it my last controller didnt, so yea do some research so It's as close as to your other as possible and you be fine .

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