Recommendations for geared class 2 that’s light and affordable.



Ride regularly with fellow septuagenarians. Currently ride a Rad Mission. Looking to recommend to other guys an affordable flatbar class 2 (with throttle) that’s light and is geared. Thoughts? Thanks!
More than 1/2 the enjoyment of buying your 1st eBike is the "Search and Hunt" - give the web referrals for Info and Shopping - then let them look and make their individual decisions
Thanks. As I am currently on
my third e-bike, they have asked for my thoughts. This forum appears to offer some experiential advice.
You might want to clarify what you mean by “light”. If it means light enough for one person to easily lift into a vehicle with the battery removed, that is very difficult to find. I’m in your age group and have looked. When you find one be sure you check the trade-offs I.e. how did they get the weight reduction. Lectric makes one that is sort of light but, in my opinion, has limited power and battery size.
As a side note, finding bike racks to accommodate an ebike is also difficult. Bike weight is the obvious issue.You can find some for smaller bikes that you wheel onto a ramp attached to a trailer hitch. I had one. It was fairly good but I wouldn’t trust it on the highway.
The best option is a cheap trailer if you have a place to keep it. Otherwise uhaul near me will rent an open trailer for $15 per day.
A high quality bike rack will cost you over $300, so the rental might make more sense.
Hope you find what you’re looking for.
I'm not sure what you mean by "geared". Do you mean it should have multiple gears? (because they're ALL geared in one way or other)

Also, what do you mean by "affordable"? It means different things to folks of different means.

Off the cuff, I think the Aventon Soltera is a good option at $1k. Aventon has good quality, multiple gears, and is light for an eBike. It's not super-powerful, but powerful enough to go 20 mph without pedaling and is also not heavy, so if the battery is run down, it doesn't mean pushing it home. When they get in shape, they may find themselves only selectively using the motor.