Rear rack bag

My wife and I have Topeak racks and bags. They are well made and the bags that we have slide onto a dovetailed rail on the rack. The rail can also be purchased and adapted to many other racks.

I ended up with a engwe rear trunk bag. Simar to topeak, rockbros etc. Wasn't sure about it at 1st, but then I started to warm up to it. Now I think it's great. Initially I wanted a bag of some sort to stow my gear, but more importantly a spare battery. At first I didn't see how this all bag could do this. I had a bunch of nice packaging foam from the box my bike came in, and I used that to line the bag so the 13ah battery would fit snug. Granted the last 4 inches of the battery sticks out the back, but it's secure. I plan on testing it today. I also tried a pair of Roswheel canvas panniers, but I think this bag does the trick. I also have tools, pump, etc etc etc. Another good point for this trunk bag is that it doesn't get in the way, and it has hidden panniers, straps, rain cover, and the bag expands a bit. I'm happy with it.
Update. Yesterday I fell over as I pulled up to a church driveway with a decent incline and the bike fell on me. I had the spare battery and all my gear in this engwe bag. The bag was working perfectly. When the bike fell over the weight from everything in the bag must have shifted hard, because it pulled the sewn in D-ring out of the stiching. I was able to strap it down to get home. This morning I put the panniers on with the battery on one side and all my other gear on the other. After some adjustments I got the heel strike under control, and didn't have any shifting of equipment. I've always liked panniers, because they don't get in the way when your throwing a leg over. I'll go with this for now. I miss my trunk bag though.


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I just returned the engwe bag. Now I'm on the hunt for a bag that's similar. I like the topeak, but I don't have that particular rack for the quick release to work. I already have a rack. During this whole new to ebike thing, I now realize I really don't need to pack a spare battery. I went 14 miles yesterday with lots and lots of hills. I only used 1 bar out of 5 on battery level. At this rate I won't need to pack a 2nd battery. I doubt I'll ever ride more than twice that amount. That being said, all I really need is a decent trunk to carry the essentials. So now I'm looking for a Quality trunk bag. If it's a good bag I will have no problem with the cost. Buy once, cry once. The panniers I have installed work, but not needed for casual rides. Of course they will come in handy for grocery runs if needed.


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Topeak also makes an adapter for non-Topeak racks as well as bags that mount onto almost any rack.

I have no relationship with Topeak. I just like their products.