Raleigh Retroglide ie Battery not charging


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Aug 16, 2022

I have a Raleigh Retroglide ie that I purchased a couple years ago. It has a detachable rear mount battery that is made by TranzX. The model of the battery is BL-07.

The battery has a standard wall-plug charger that has a 4-pin XLR connector type.

The battery has a power button that when you press, it will show you the charge level. The battery does turn on and indicates it is low (1 bar illuminates).

However, when I plug in the battery to charge, nothing happens. The light on the charger stays green (normally turns red to indicate charging) and the battery does nothing (normally the level indicator starts flashing to indicate charging).

I have tried replacing the charger, albeit with a non-oem charger that has the same specs and plug type, and the same thing happens (charger light stays green when plugged in). I do not think the battery is broken per se since it does turn on and power up the bike.

Any advice? This is a $600 battery that is not more than a couple years old, and I have had zero luck getting in touch with the manufacturer. The store I bought the bike from basically told me I need to find a licensed Raleigh dealer that can order new parts as they no longer sell the bike (I wonder why...)

I am wondering if I should take the battery apart and see if I can test the BMS or charge port or if I should just continue my hunt trying to locate someone that can help me with this bike.

Let me know if posting any photos would help.

Thank you!!
- Kyle
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