Need help identifying e-bike model.


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8:46 AM
Feb 24, 2022
Wondering if you guys can help me identify a certain model e-bike. I was driving on my way to an appointment this evening, so I couldn't stop to ask, but I passed 3 e-bikes all the same model that were some of the sharpest looking e-bikes I have ever seen.

1. They were all matte black with no logos on the down tubes or anywhere else i could see.
2. The emblem on the head tube lit up, it was still pretty bright outside so I couldn't make out what it said or what it was, but it was completely lit.
3. They had 2 small taillights on each side of the rear wheel near where the dropouts would be.
4. They were cruising along at 22-25mph.

This is all the info I could really get by passing them.

Does anyone know what they are?
I was going to say that somebody kitted their existing bicycle until you said there were 3 identical ones.
I like the idea of the illuminated head badge.

Maybe they were prototypes of a future model to be sold.
Knowing what city you are in could be a valuable clue, for local manufacturers, otherwise from the given information ID does not seem too likely.

Unless the head badge serves as a headlight, I would see this as useless unneccessary complication designed to encourage ignorant folks to buy a poorly engineered nightmare.

Does strongly indicate this is a commercial product intended for retail sale.