Should pedals move the bike forward with no power to the rear hub motor


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2:35 PM
Dec 30, 2023
I recently acquired what was said to be everything I would need to do a conversion to electric. Having no previous experience with building an e-bike I accepted this gift and began my journey of converting my Giant road bike to electric. Today I rolled it out of my garage without battery or controller just to see what it felt like to ride (pedal) it with this rear-wheel motor on the frame. In my driveway, I got ready to ride and realized that as I rotated the pedals it was like it was in some kind of free-wheeling neutral position (meaning that the sprockets were turning however it did not engage the hub and wheel to rotate). I don't know if this is a normal condition given that no power has been put to the motor, or if I could have an issue with the motor. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.