Need a display and controller for 2020 Rad Rover 5


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10:35 PM
Aug 8, 2022
Does anyone happen to have and want to see a display and controller for a 2020 rad rover 5? I am trying to isolate a problem. I went for a ride friday and lost all power. I walked the beast home and checked out everything. No display no power. Battery led lights come on when I push the button.

I checked every connection and terminals. Its down to both of these units I believe. It only has 700 miles and stored inside. No rough riding.

Rad said the heat may have burned up the controller. I get no error codes and I even replaced the fuses on the battery.

Please let me know and if you want, email me at

Thank you
You need a new display. Same thing happened to me except I pedaled it home. It's actually pretty easy pedaling in a low gear.