Myth or Fact? ebikes are only for those with no skills / who don't want to work hard


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Jul 17, 2020
Myth. - It takes much more skill to negotiate trails at higher speeds as a general rule, whether you used a chairlift or not, especially if they are technical, the same is true on ebike. I find this myth being spread around exclusively by those who have never spent serious time riding one or don't own an eMTB. It can take a lot of physical exertion. The level of workout is still up to the user, there is no limit to how much of your own power you can add to the pedals, just like any bike. If you pedal hard and have the skills to ride fast on an ebike, it's an excellent workout in my experience and is more of an upper body workout vs. lower body. I am not saying it's the same, it's different, it's a different sport. It's still a great workout, but same as with a normal bike, that depends on the terrain, how many miles you ride, how much you put into it, etc.
Myth because ebikes are for those who just love to ride a MTB for the fun of it, and not for any other reason. Skills or working as hard as possible has nothing to do with enjoyment on 2 wheels for many people.

Myth because I see nothing wrong with people who use ebikes because don't have the skills that others do or those who don't have the physical strength to keep up with well seasoned athletes.

Everyone started somewhere and some people might just never have the physical ability or time + desire to commit to the sport to get there. My experience is that ebikes allow those with lower skills to ride with those with higher skills when they wouldn't be able to otherwise.

Myth because they are great for people with injuries.

Myth because they are great for people who want to commute to work on a bike a fair distance, but don't necessarily want to show up sweaty.

Myth because they are great for downhill and enduro riders that don't always have access to a chairlift or for areas where someone wants to ride/train mostly downhill or enduro style and there are no mountains / chairlift nearby.

Myth because 0 watts = 0 motion. Everyone reading this loves being a "motor" in the sport of MTB. That's a fact.
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