Looks like E-bikes are becoming popular....

I'm not surprised. When you consider range, and charge time eBikes are ready to go now, while cars are still a battery breakthrough away from being practical.
Nah. Its not the batteries that need the breakthrough. Its the charging point availability.

The Kia EV5 just started deliveries in the Chinese domestic market at a price point that is equivalent to US$20,000. They are competing with BYD who has also just introduced a pair of low-cost EVs that range in price from US$17,000-19,000 depending on options. When I first saw the Kia, I figured they hit that low price point with a tiny battery. Well, its relatively small pack at 64.2 kWh, but the small size of the car (it doesn't look small at all its a 4-seat SUV) gives it a 329-mile range.

The battery tech is here right now. All thats left is to get the things into volume production, and diversify/decentralize our grid like the Aussies (and now the Texans) are doing.

Oh and on-topic: I'm doing a Costco run today on my Bullitt, now that the rain has stopped. Right now its topping off the battery via my solar setup.