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May 16, 2023
South East, UK
Hey all,

I'm new to e-bikes. I've always been too busy working and driving my nice car to look into this properly.

There are some nice EMTBs, and my favourites so far are:

Or do I convert a bike like this (to a 1000W Bafang system)?

I had a look at some installation videos and I don't like how the brake sensors are installed on a custom build, i.e., bafang, they use double-sided sticky tape. To me, it looks a bit off.

I'll be doing all sorts of rides (road, town, off-road) with my wife who has a back problem so she won't be doing any "off-road" rides or at least not in an extreme way.

Do I go with a factory-made legal (UK) e-bike with 250W or do I build my own 1000W e-bike? I want it to be a full-suspension bike.

What does maintenance look like in terms of battery replacement and other parts in factory-built e-bikes? Will I be able to get a replacement battery for my bike in say 5 years' time? They are so expensive I would not want to buy a new bike just because older models are no longer supported.

My budget? Well, I don't want to pay more than £3-3,5k. This is super expensive and I'm not a pro but I do like nice quality things.

Many thanks in advance!
I don't want to answer all of your questions. I will give you a little experience though. Bafang makes ebrake levers that don't need to use glued washers, but they aren't as nice looking as most regular brake levers. They aren't 100% necessary either. If you convert a bike you get a lot of freedom, plus throttle only use. The kits make your bike less balanced, and you probably won't do any extreme Mtn biking on it. I converted a hartail using a big motor and battery, and I am having a great time using it. It's a different kind of fun than when it was just a mountain bike. I can ride 15-20 miles without peddling if I want. I can't do harder trail riding and downhill. If I bought a factory made bike it would be balanced and look amazing, but I would have to peddle like a bike 100% of the time. As far as converting your own bike, 750w or 1000w are pretty sweet. I haven't tried a lot of different types of do it yourself motors. The only one I have ridden is 1000w. I have also ridden a new factory ebike by Specialized and it was a work of art. Still would rather have 20 miles of no peddle cruising than a 14,000$ ebike that I have to peddle to get the motor to kick in.

Based on your stated budget, I'd go with a build your own. Especially if you're going to be the one that builds it. You'll get a sweet ride that is better than the store bought in a lot of ways. You'd be able to get whatever you wanted for that amount plus you will learn a lot about maintaining your bike.
You say you are in the UK so I don't know how conserved you are with being "legal".I have a factory Emotion Neo Jumper that is amazing but not as fun as a 48v 1000watt hub motor kit.The kit user set's the speed limit.Mine goes 35 mph.I live rural US so no worries about law's.The kit from Alibaba $228 including shipping.Battery from Unit Pack Power $300 but they have special's if you are patient.November Eleventh they have special's.Cheers and good luck