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Dec 13, 2021
Hello all.
I'm inching to purchase my first e-bike. I am however not new to an e-assist system.
I currently have a Recumbent e-trike (tadpole style) that I converted into an e-assist.
I do have concerns about riding an e-bike due to my bad back.
I think I'll be posting my concerns and questions on different post location on this form.
I just wanted to introduce myself.
I do hope you all can help me in my decision to purchase an e-bike and even which one to get.
G'day @darkskys, welcome to ebikes forum! Hopefully someone can answer your other question in the other thread about riding ebikes with a bad back. It's a really good question actually.
I love my Canyon Grail:ON Gravel eBike! I get over 100 miles range with the included 500Wh battery, it only weighs about 34lbs (including battery), it has 85Nm of torque, and it's pedal assist is up to 28mph... LOVE IT!

It fit right in between my Ibis Mojo Mountain Bike at 21.3 lbs & my Pinarello at 17.3lbs.


I have $1299.00 vtuvia 20 inch fat tire step thru folding bike,for 5 months.I love the bike and ride it some every day on my farm .Yes it has some less expensive parts ,but all bikes do. I contact the seller with a question @6:00pm pac time and with in minutes I have my answer. 750 watt motor, 3 pedal assist,7 speed .and the same guarantee as most other bikes 1 year