Another E-Bike Newbie!


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10:50 AM
Apr 14, 2024
Hello from Georgia! I always thought I was too cool for an e-bike, now I’m too old and achy NOT to have one! I bought my wife an Electra Townie a couple of months ago, and just bought a Trek Verve 4 for myself last week. I have enjoyed riding for the past 20 or so years, but it had really become more of a chore. Now I can’t wait until tomorrow so I can ride again! What a game changer!
Welcome to our community. I fall into "codger class" as well. I used to road race bikes in my earlier days, but greatly appreciate the help from a motor these days. I find myself riding an eBike much longer and further than I would consider a pure-pedal bike.

Going out for pleasure rides with my wife gives us "quality time" away from the home and helps prevent getting "cabin fever" on the weekends.
Just like you at 81 and still cycling albeit shorter routes. I feel E-bike is the way to go.
Makes me wonder if there are enough old-geezers to keep the makers making interesting, performance/fun oriented machines rather than replacements for automobiles? If I wasn't an old-geezer I'd still be enjoying my Italian steel beauties. Don't get me wrong, every 20" fat-tired folding or shopping basket equipped e-bike that almost takes me out would likely do the same when the dolt piloting it was in a gas-powered car or motorbike so it's better for the environment at least!