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Sep 14, 2023
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I have a Ribble ALe Hybrid. I purchased the bike last year and got the actual bike on 21 October. 22. It had been working brilliantly up until mid June 2023, then I noticed it would cut off power half way up a lengthy hill. It was like it was fighting against me. It seemed worse in heat waves, such as June and then part of August. On the flat it has no problem, doesn't cut out. I tried going down to a lower gear but that doesn't make a difference. It isn't the battery, that's reading fine and I found myself checking the temp on the Mahle App. to make sure the bike temp wasn't exceeding 40 C. Max it ever got to was 32C whilst in shed. Could it be an overheating control problem and is making sure when I go up a hill and it needs more voltage it cuts off to save the electronics. At the moment it is back at Ribble in Lancashire and it is waiting in a queue to be fixed. I explained the situation about problem.
maybe the controller is requiring more amps for your uphill? what is the controller amps? continous , peak? your battery continous discharge amps? sound like what you are saying and i think its amps related. battery gets older..can you set your controller amp settings and drop it down? look at voltage cutoff also on controller.
Not sure how I would alter amps. Can't do that anyway as I live in Birmingham and the bike is in Lancashire. Waiting time 36 working days, 20 more working days to go. Just hope they physically test it. When it arrives back in Birmingham, I will test drive it on the hill outside shop to see if the bike is any different. I had 2 months Warranty left on it when I handed it in. With the 36 working day wait, that will eat up my warranty time.
Well, sounds like either battery or controller LVC is being reached, what EXACTLY do you do to restore power, FIRST, do you just loose power or do the indicator lights go out, and you have to turn it back on, or what?