intelligent AP7 password


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Nov 17, 2022
I am new to Bikes and need help. I bought a used ebike conversion with Amazon parts this summer. Now I can not remember the password or contact the last owner. The controller has intelligent on the front and AP7 on the back. When I turn the unit on it asks for the password and I can not get past that screen. Does anybody know haw to get around this and reset the password? Thanks Bryan
I looked around the interwebz and didn't find where/how to reset the password on that factory reset to Default settings....

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Thanks for the info. I have tried the 1919 password and it does not work. As soon as I power up the display it asks for the password the password the last owner used is lost and 1919 will not work.
I can not go any farther past the password will not let me into the system. There must be a hack into it.