1000 mile review

anna wu

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Nov 4, 2023
1000 mile review
Bike is more or less what I expected. Will do 100 miles on throttle on PAS 3/15mph. Carries a rear passenger well, though wish there was a way to tighten and loosen the shocks, they do bottom out. Pretty comfy ride, handling is not nimble and can be akin to how a caddilac used to drive. Acceleration is there but is smooth and not at all jumpy, so don't expect to dart in front of traffic, but pulls smooth and dependably. pedal assist is a bit wonky, especially after letting off the throttle. Brakes have nice adjustment screws, but can be hard to manipulate, though I can now squeeze with 2 fingers instead of 3 or 4. Handles all terrain I've thrown at it so far, with some chonky single track, but don't expect it to go up chonkiness. It is heavy but I got it up and over a medium sized down tree and it's easy enough to walk throttle up chonky hills. Also have been able to use bike chutes on stairs as well. Got the inverter and it works exactly as advertised. Do have some random creaking sounds, but all my bikes make sounds. Front light has good coverage, but does a weird shaky thing that you get used to but is still weird, rear light looks pink but brake light is good so I jslust squeeze the lever when taking the lane or car approaches but would like to replace, don't use blinkers and they easily to turn on accidentally. My + and - buttons are hard to press and one broke off when I took a bag off the bars. Nfc is cool I guess when I wanna just leave bike untethered, but it doesn't always read/takes a few/goes into password mode, while happy it would trip up a thief, is annoying and dangerous for if I need to get away from somewhere quick. Pedaling does work ul to full speed, but you are only adding 2mph max, though helpful on hills. Not gonna launch u up, but I can get over steep pedestrian bridges with switchbacks, even with a passenger, albeit slowly in that case. I wrapped in self adhesive viynl and swapped tires for Specialized Careless Whispers, de


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