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Apr 27, 2020
I'm Kurt and I live in the beautiful Westerwald. I used to be (almost) never on my bike. A year ago I bought an electric bike and I am just thrilled. In the Westerwald forests it is simply pure fun to ride around. My wife doesn't have an e-bike, but is thinking about it. She has fun with my ebike but then can I not ride. Let's see if there are a few good offers out there.
Welcome to ebikes forum! Good to hear you're have so much fun with your ebike. Maybe you can post a picture of it or do a ride report. Good idea to wait for some eBike specials to get your wife a bike!
Hello,just bought bikes for me and my wife,waiting for them to arrive,very excited ,been motorcyling,4 wheeling,now biking with my wife,looking for information and places to ride.thanks,see ya on the path.
Welcome to the forum @Coachtip! It's a great hobby, I used to be into motorbiking too & motorized bikes. I guess ebiking is just the next step! What kind of ebikes did you order?