Homemade delta trike on 20" wheels using a BBS02 mid drive


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May 20, 2021
Using the Atomic Zombie plans for inspiration I built myself a Delta trike equipped with 20" wheels. It has underseat steering and runs a 750 watt Bafang BBS02 mid drive. Currently 8 speed rear and a 52 tooth Lekkie bling ring up front. Avid BB7 rear disc brakes provide stopping power. The mesh seat also home made and isnt pretty but provides a lot of comfort especially on those hot days. I tend to overbuild and as a result the trike is fairly heavy since its main tube is 1/8" steel. That was done on purpose since the roads here can be rough and on a previous tadpole build I did manage to tear and later bend a thinner frame. The trike is around 8' long and is very stable at speed. The picture of it is from last year in front of a bike sculpture in our downtown. The sculpture was supposed to be sent to another city but covid has delayed that.

I have another delta I,m currently modifying, it,s 2 wd with me providing pedal power to the left rear wheel and a soon to be installed Magic Pie direct drive hub motor providing power to the right rear wheel. It uses 26" wheels and is more of a cruiser type not designed for fast cornering. It is also in the process of receiving rear disc brakes. When I,m done there will be a picture posted
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