Hi from Taylorsville, Utah USA - Voilamart Front wheel hub not working?


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Mar 13, 2022
I bought a couple of cute cruisers for my wife and I and decided to turn these single geared simple bikes with pedal brakes into e-cruisers. I purchased the Voilamart Front wheel hub motor e-bike conversion kit. These are just going to be get around town bicycles. The specs on the Voilamart e-bike conversion kit are 1000watt 48volt. I bought Hailong 10 Amp hour batteries. I got the torque arm conversion kits to bolt the front wheel hub to the dropouts on my cruiser. I wanted pedal assist.

The objective was to get our post-covid/winter flabby bodies back into shape. I am in my early 50s and my wife is in her mid 40s. We live on a rather steep grade. It is embarrassing that I took my new cruiser out for a ride and had to walk it back to my home. So, I decided to give it an electric power upgrade. I have a bunch of questions about electric conversions. I got my kits and built one bike and it isn't working. I am trying to troubleshoot it.

Any other Voilamart front wheel e bike converters here?
Likely dozens, it is a common kit and similar to many, many DD hub kits.

"It is not working" is both very common and nearly useless information. At least you have described the hub motor you are using, so, there's that.

Now - Describe - use as much detail as possible - EXACTLY what happens when you activate or turn on or attempt to turn on, the bike. Describe ANY repeat ANY indicators that the system has power, usually LED's, on the battery, on the display, on the throttle, and exactly how they are lit, or not. EVERYTHING, leave NOTHING out, I want to know WHAT COLOR IT IS.

Describe, in as much detail as possible, EXACTLY in what way it is failing to function.

Do NOT forget to tell me about the stupid thing you did that you don't want anybody to know. Cause if you don't, it will usually become obvious, and you will have wasted my time leaving out critical info cause, even though you are totally anonymous, you don't want anybody to know you did this stupid thing. This will annoy me greatly and I will rip you a new one, sometimes, if I am really feeling it, in truly epic fashion which may actually scar you for life.

A guess at a common problem would be that the battery and display lights indicate power, but the motor runs slowly, jerkily, or backwards. Phase or hall wires not correct.

Or, there is no indicator of power, except a charged LED indicator on the battery - missed connection or loose wire.

I could keep going but we'd be here all day, and I got things to do. So FEED ME.