Help deciding on first e-bike - Rambo 500W Cruiser


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Sep 22, 2021
Hey everybody,
I'm looking to buy my first e-bike. I plan on mostly riding the trails in Sheridan, WY and maybe some light mountain biking.
I'm looking at the Rambo 500W Cruiser. I'm a disabled veteran and Rambo gives a pretty great discount. I'm also looking at the RadRover 5. Trying to stay well under $2k, and the Rambo is a much better price for me.
What advice do you have for me?
Hi there, did you end up finding an ebike?

The Rambo 500W Cruiser has a TruckRun mid drive motor which looks to be a budget motor. I would read some reviews about this motor before spending $1999.99 on this ebike.

Also the battery doesn't state what cells it uses. In this case I would assume it's probably just cheap chinese cells so it may not last as long as other batteries.