Hello from the South East. Looking for some advice for my first E-bike.


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Jul 17, 2023
Hi, My name is Brad and I am looking into getting my first e-bike. I don't have prior knowledge of the products or the brands I should be paying attention to, I really like the look of the urban bikes that have the retro look like the Super73s and Juiced bikes however the pricetag pushes me away since a student like myself can justify paying that amount.
You have the right idea. Those are moped style eBikes, and are the hottest selling style. Here's one that's less expensive than a Super 73

I think the urban retro bikes you're referring to will be more throttle oriented than pedaling assist. They tend to not be set up for efficient pedaling ergonomics. If you like the looks by all means go for it, they are fun. Not sure what your budget is but anything less than about $1800 in my shopping experience is going to lead to more compromises. For my shopping $1800 is that sweet spot that you can find alot of models out there with essentially the same level of components and just different styling. Good luck and think about how/where you want to ride first.
Welcome to the forum, from SE Wisconsin.

What is your budget then, if $2k+ is too much?

What is your weight and height?

You might have to settle for a more bicycle-looking eBike for your first one, until you graduate and make the big bucks. Nothing wrong with that. You'll be surprised how much fun it is to be able to go 20 mph everywhere with optional effort.

As bobmcc81 alluded to above, the retro-looking Super73 looking ones are more expensive and not condusive to pedaling. The pedals are more to exploit a loophole to be able to call it an eBike. If they're not expensive, they're likely low quality and will be frustrating.

I've found it's nice to have something just a bit lighter than can actually be reasonably pedaled at 10-14 mph when the battery goes dead. Bicycle-style seat means less chafing on the inner thighs. Less weight and smooth, higher pressure tires = less rolling resistance. Something in the 50-70 lb. weight range, instead of 90+ for the eMopeds and such.