Tires & Tubes Has anyone tried Tire Tube Sealant?


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Nov 21, 2023
Has anyone tried putting tire sealant in their tubes? I took the valve out and the sealant won't go in. I stuck a thin nail in the hole and it won't go through. But with the valve in it takes air. What gives? 26x4 tires.Ariel Rider Kepler.
1. rotate wheel so valve at 12'oclock position
2. release air pressure thru valve until tire/tube shows flat
3. remove valve stem w/FlatOut tool
4. slip FlatOut tube over vavle until seated tight
5. squeeze FlatOut bottle - putting 6oz FlatOut into tube - with tire on wheel sometimes best to put bottle into MASH IV bag position to more smootly squeeze 16oz into tube.
6. reseat valve
7. use rechargeable pump to refill tire
My only advice to add to Fabbrisd 's solid comment:
I did mine with the valve stem parallel with the ground (3 o'clock or 9 o'clock.
I put paper towels on the rim to catch any drips to make clean up easier.
A few Q-Tips were kept handy, to swab out the inside of the valve stem, before screwing the Schrader valve back in.
Spin the tire some to re-distribute the sealant. Even better, take it for about a 1 mile ride.
At first you may feel the tire is slightly out of balance; this will smooth out as the sealant distributes evenly inside the tube.

I am a huge fan of the Flat Out product.
My tube had a leak which resulted in a flat tire in 12 hours (from full pressure to 2.5 PSI in 12 hours). Goathead thorns are bad in my area.
I did not patch the tube, only flat-out was used.
Flat out sealed the tube after a quick jaunt riding the bike.
No air has been needed to top it off in over a week.
I had the same problem with my Kepler with one of the tubes. Also one of my converted bikes. I removed the tubes and poked a hole in the tubes. Then put the sealant in the hole. I then patched the hole and reinstalled the tube in the tire. I did this a while ago and I've had no problem.