Funcid brand/Totgaurd brand bought from got wet.


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Nov 21, 2023
i bought a totgaurd brand ebike from, yesterday decided to take a trip in the weather where it had been raining and halfway thre3 my journey my ebike doesn't start back up after being exposed to the weather. any help to resolve this issue is appreciated.
If you have Return Priviledge = return it without mentioning the rain !

Very few/few eBikes claim to be Rain/Water Resistant - and your Totguard specifically DOES NOT claim to be water resistant.

The electronic components are the Cluster/Display - the Controller - and the Battery/w-Cradle - the Motor is the last component and somewhat sealed.

If you can't return it - then do a Internet Search - "How do I dry my wet ebike "XXXXXX"" for each component"
The throttle is the most likely spot to have a problem. Cover with a plastic grocery bag, blow out the water, should recover fine.

That type of battery mount is prone to having water run downhil, as it usually does, directly into the electrical contacts, which if enough water shorts this connection, can blow the BMS in the battery and/or blow the controller, requiring some repair and replacement. Dielectric grease or silicone sealant can help, but battery is no longer easily removable, without breaking the seal.

Hub motors themselves are almost immune to electrical shorts from water, however the corrosion from long-term exposure is a problem, also the dirt and crap the water carries in can cause problems.