Fazua - customizing the ride


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5:36 AM
Aug 23, 2023
Pataluma, CA
I have a Trek Domane lt+ with the Fazua Evation 50 system.

With the default settings I found that the assist was not working well for long steep climbs. With those settings you have to maintain a high cadence to get good assist but on a long steep climb I simply could not maintain the rider input and high cadence so I ended up having to struggle up the last part of the climb with essentially no assist (and a heavy bike to boot). I quickly learned how to customize the performance. I downloaded the Fazua Toolbox and changed the settings as follows:
Max Power - I left this Moderate
Support Relation - I changed to Low in order to get maximum support even when pedaling with less effort
Ramp-Up - I changed this to Reactive to get the maximum responsiveness of the motor.

I did a test ride with the new settings and am very pleased with the result.