Error 30 After Reprogramming BBHSD


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9:29 AM
Sep 23, 2023
Twice now I have tried to reporgram a friends 1000w BBSHD. I download the reconfigured EI file and use the Bafang Reprogramming Tool to read the flash. I load the custom file but when I click "write flash" nothing happens. Usually a "write successful" message appears. If I disconnect and attempt to start the ebike 0% battery is displayed. then Error 30 appears.

In order to resolve Error 30 I flash the firmware by following the steps in punlished by Golden Motor below.

Each time I try to reload the BBHSD EI file the same thing happens. What am I doing wrong? If you need more detail please ask...happy to upload screen caps of the stock settings and the dowloaded EI file I am using
If you can "write flash" with the original firmware file, but not the new file, then there is something wrong with the new file. Usually either a size problem or some sort of ID code missing.
Some sort of unidentifiable effup has occurred

These types of files have to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. No errors of any kind are tolerated. What exact kind of error you have, I have no clue. Only absolute, you can in fact flash with the cable and software you have. You can flash the original, KNOWN GOOD firmware. What you are trying to use, is NOT Known Good.
Yes, as long as you do not exceed any limits and be aware they could be hexadecimal numbers, foreign language, multiples, percents, or possibly other formats.

recommend when doing poke and hope that you make ONE change at a time, testing each with a flash write to make certain it is valid. Also be aware you can totally brick the system with an illegal value. Also make VERY CERTAIN that nothing whatsoever interrupts the flash writing.