Elevation vs distance


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7:15 AM
Sep 26, 2021
I'm planning a route on my new Ebike, and I was wondering which would conserve battery life more - a shorter route with steeper hills, or a longer route with less hills?

I'd appreciate anyone's opinion on this.
Depends on how much PA you use. Where my wife and I ride, it’s hilly but I try to do most of the work except for steep hills. That’s when the beauty of pedal assist becomes a thing of joy. Unless you intend on the motor to do all of the work, your butt will probably give out before a fully charged battery. We do lots of twenty mile rides and have not ever seen the battery drop below 75 percent. I typically use a PA of 4 & 5 with the sprocket chaining on 5. The pa for four is set to 12.5 mph, PA five is 13.5.
It would seem you should try both of your routes and see which you like better.
or just alternate with a few different ones with various conditions.