Ebikes for heavy riders?


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Aug 17, 2021
What are the recommended ebikes for heavy riders? I'm talking riders who are 250 pounds (115 kg) and over. Are there any specific weight limits for ebikes or any special designs which suit larger riders?
The Himiway Cruiser can handle up to 350 lbs. has a 2 year warranty and can go 30 mph. It is a very solid built bike.

I am using a Rize Leisure and am currently 280 lbs.
I am quite happy with it. Only a 500W hub motor (regulations in Canada) but it is available with a 750W in the USA IIRC
The new Zerba from Himway has a 400 capacity. Many of the full sized bikes have large capacity. Unfortunately that comes with the penalty of weight of the bike itself. But that's what the motors for right?
I would think that an e-bike with a hub motor might work best for a big fella.
A mid-drive e-bike will stress the bicycle chain even more with a bigger rider.
I highly recommend the Shang Milo MX-02s bought mine a few months ago came with 2 x 17.5ah batteries delivered to my door £1600. done over 500 miles in last few months and loving the way it handles and rides. I have just started to upgrade some of the cheaper parts but that is a personal choice. Has a 200kg (440lb) max weight



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