An Ebike for My Better Half


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10:44 AM
Aug 14, 2023
First, let me say my wife is 4’11” and about 95 pounds.

We are recently retired and live in SW Florida. Almost half the year is very hot and humid.

She would only be a casual rider only riding in the cooler months, probably in the evening as we would ride together.

It would have to be a step thru as well, and something I could ride in the summer switching back and forth with my Ebike!

Any suggestions on what to get her?
I bought my 65 year old wife a Veloctric. $1400 plus a Gel seat cover. Very very very well made. She likes it, no problems. Probably 45 miles out of the battery. Quality bike. Fit and finish is great ! Thats the one !
My wife is 4' 11", I've had her try 4 or 5 different ebikes.
She doesn't quite fit regular ebikes that have 170mm crankarms, since the upstroke would make up knee come up to her chest.
Getting the wife 144mm or 152mm (kids size) crankarms made huge difference how well she can pedal normally with her short legs.
Take a look at the Sohamo A2. It is a small folding bike and quite cheap if she will just ride occasionally. I got mine for $404 from Walmart
Wife just got a Heybike Cityrun. For $100 more than what I paid for my Velowave Ghost 14 months ago she got a slightly larger battery, hydraulic brakes, tailight and headlight with turn signals and a really nice rear rack and front basket. I'm kinda jealous.
I'm old and slow and it was really hot in my garage so it took me a little over an hour. I had to install the front wheel, handlebars and steering stem, rear rack, front basket, fenders, headlight and plug in the headlight and tailight. There is a link to a assembly video in the manual which I didn't watch. There a couple assembly videos on YouTube if your interested.