Ebikeling Hall sensors failed - repeatedly


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Feb 28, 2021
So I built my ebike 2 years ago. And I have gotten hall sensor failures twice. I cannot afford to keep replacing my motor every year. I need some recommendations on new motors, or a new controller, or something. Can I try a sensorless controller, and keep my current motor? Would I have to replace both the motor and controller? I'm trying not to spend a lot of money on fixing this again. The last time it happened I could not find a replacement motor by itself, and I was forced to buy the entire conversion kit again. Now I have 2 full ebike kits with 2 broken motors. I'm not going to replace it with the same thing again, as this kit is obviously trash. I would like to not spend a ton of money, but I will do what I have to do to make sure this doesn't happen again.
This is currently what I am using:
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Damn it seems like a sweet unit. I don't ride in the rain all that much but my cheap violamart kits have been going for a few years now with no problems.
Yeah i've ad no probs with me voilamart 1000w or 1500w motors.
I've rode in the rain and snow and puddles with no harm so far.

Ride Safe! :cool:

Mine is a fat tire bike. Maybe should have said that to begin with.
Hi! If you can, open the motor and change the hall sensors yourself! these are cheap! but the work is difficult as I saw in a video (youtube?) I would say delicate is a more appropriate word!
BTW your fat bike is impressive!
How did you go? I just made my first post here, about how my bike seems to go fine without the hall sensors wired up?!
Sorry about the late reply. I forgot all about this post. So here's the long awaited update...
First I replaced the whole conversion kit with the cheapest thing I could find. I actually managed to get a 48v 1200w front hub kit for $200. I simply put it on the rear wheel backwards. It had no chain sprocket but that is fine, my bike is not for pedaling anyway, and this was just a stop-gap. That gave me something to ride while I saved up some money, and then I stripped the bike down to the last nut and bolt, and rebuilt it with a Bafang 1000w mid drive BBS-HD. I never did manage to get those 2 broken motors fixed, I've been very busy with work. I have also recently started building 2 new bikes. One is another electric, but rather than just slapping a conversion kit on a regular bike, I build a purpose-built frame from the ground up. It has no pedals, it's basically a low power electric motorcycle. The other bike is built on a 1984 Honda XR-200R dirtbike frame, but converted into an enduro bike. I'll post photos of everything too.
My old ebike, the one I had problems with. Still going strong, but looks like a whole new bike now.


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The enduro bike started as a pile of rusted metal. It's not electric, but I thought you guys might like it anyway.


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The new ebike has a lot of work left still, but here it is. I started with a old girls mtb that I found at Goodwill for $5. Chopped it in half with an angle grinder, welded some bits. Spent days searching for bearings the right size for the swing arm axle. It's coming along.


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