1. Salmon

    Are There Any US E-bike Rides You Guys Would Like To Share?

    I recently discovered a program that invites e-bike users to share their e-bike routes and graphically share the journey. I noticed that participants in this program are paid by the organizers after completing the program and posting the route as required. It's kind of fun to go out cruising...
  2. P

    Ebikeling Support is Abysmal

    Has anyone had an actual communication from Ebikeling that says anything other than Thanks for sending us money? I bought a wheel motor kit that I need to return and then I bought a $40 shipping label to use to ship it back to them. I have since bought and received another motor kit, but no...
  3. lucasdebiagi

    Controller and power problem

    Hello! I've just bought my first eBike kit (https://www.bicimoto.com.br/kit-bicicleta-eletrica-500w-48v-bateria-litio). But I started to have some questions regarding the power... in the website, it says that it's a 500w 48V motor, but I won't get more than 300w in the display information. So...
  4. B

    Ebikeling hub drive review (36v/760w)

    All, just giving an update after about 6 months of ownership of a 36v/750w rear wheel geared hub with a shark battery. Spoiler alert … I liked it enough to buy two more. I bought the kit to throw on an old steel Specialized Rockhopper. I added PNW drop bars, Tektro levers, and non-indexed bar...
  5. Kagehik

    Bafang lights with Ebikeling controller

    I recently had to do a near total replacement of parts on my Himo Z20. Basically, something about even the wire harness which splits out to the handle bar controls was screwy and didn't work tlwith the new motor. I have, up to this point,been using a rear turn signal and light that is...
  6. D

    Ebikeling 1200 watt kit going backwards?

    I recently purchased Ebikeling 1200 watt rear direct drive kit for my 29in MTB. I purchased a 48v 15.6 ah battery to go with it off of E-bay. It ran great for about 200 miles. I had to switch the tube out today. After i put everything back together, the motor is all of the sudden turning in...
  7. Tonybikes

    ebikeling cadence sensor problems

    I have a 36v rear hub kit from Ebikeling. I can't seem to get the cadence sensor placed correctly and/or programmed correctly. I have tied turning the plate around, and now I believe its a problem with the program settings. any advice?
  8. R

    Ebikeling 1200 watt front hub motor kit

    Hello this is Bob Dicus I have installed the Ebikeling 1200 watt front hub motor kit on a Sun Trike. It runs but cuts out intermittently & I get an Error Code 11. I reached out to Ebikeling but they are not responding at all. I need help correcting this issue so I am reaching out to you guys.
  9. B

    Geared rear hub build questions (EBIKELING VS GRIN)

    Sorry for the long question. I've read a ton here and really appreciate it. About me. I recently bought a used Ride1up Roadster, and really like it for a lot of reasons. Quiet, light, smooth, simple, and no noticeable resistance when not e-powered. I bike a ton and love pedaling hard, and this...
  10. scorch

    ebikeling troubleshoot

    I finally got my kit, got everything properly installed. But nothing. Turned on batt, display is good. But motor does not spin when i hit the thumb throttle. No noise comiong from motor. The cable looks good, everything seems ok. But no spinning. I did not install the crank pedal assist which...
  11. L

    Ebikeling Brake lever cutout switches

    Brand new to ebikes. We have a 1993 Miyata tandem. Great bike. Shimano Deore all around. Was designed as a mountain bike tandem. Decided to put an ebike kit on it as my knees can act up now and then. It's an Ebikeling 1500W rear wheel drive. The build has been pretty straight forward. The wheel...
  12. Plissken

    Ebikeling Hall sensors failed - repeatedly

    So I built my ebike 2 years ago. And I have gotten hall sensor failures twice. I cannot afford to keep replacing my motor every year. I need some recommendations on new motors, or a new controller, or something. Can I try a sensorless controller, and keep my current motor? Would I have to...
  13. J

    Mongoose Fat Tire ebike with EBIKELING 48 volt 1000W rear hub kit

    My Mongoose Fat Tire bike with EBIKELING 48 volt 1000W rear hub conversion kit. The bike is much fun! Cost? About $875.00 invested Range? 25-30 mile range with a 48V-15AH battery. Naturally if I pick highest assist level and run the speed limit up the mileage will go down. Top Speed? I have...
  14. R

    Front & Rear Hub Ebikeling Build

    This is my first conversion to date. Its a mongoose xr1100 with a 1200w front hub and 1500w rear hub (both ebikeling). 2 48v 20ah batteries. It has a dual throttle set up which is really growing on me. I commute 20 miles on a trail round trip 5 days a week in all weather conditions. I caught the...
  15. D

    Ebikeling 36V 500W GEARED hub motor kit - have one?

    I've been researching GEARED ebike conversion kits & found the Ebikeling 36V 500W GEARED hub motor kit. It looks to be a good value & the Ebikeling team have been outstanding in answering my pre-purchase questions. Can anyone on this forum with this 36V 500W GEARED kit share their experience...
  16. F

    Ebikeling 700c 48v 1200w geared hub review

    I put an Ebikeling 700c 48v 1200w geared hub kit on my road bike for fun. It's turned into a great bike which will climb hills and take off easily. My first trip was to work and back which is 6 miles each way. The top speed 31.3mph, avg speed 17.2. Total distance 12.63 miles. I have 4 x 12Ah...