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Aug 4, 2023
New Jersey

I'm only four weeks into owning an e-bike, a Trek Allant+ 8S. So far I've transferred a few bits and bobs from my old Gary Fisher mountain bike (pedals and saddle), added an eeSilk+ suspension post, folding lock, carbon water bottle cage, under seat bag, MSR mirror and an Oi bell. At almost 69 years old, I feel like Superman pedaling this thing.

After the month plus of riding, I needed to tweak the bar reach and height. The old back and wrists just didn’t like the riding position of the stock 7deg/90mm stem. I first tried a 17deg/90mm stem which really wasn’t that different. Today I put on a REDSHIFT ShockStop Suspension Stem, 30deg/80mm. The suspension is awesome. You really can’t feel the bars moving but the wrist and shoulder shock is taken right out. Height is perfect. Reach - may be a tad too tight - we shall see after some saddle adjustments. I’m vacillating between a single #60 or a single #70 elastomer. I’m 5’11, 190 lbs.

The continued chasing of my body ailments with bike tweaks. Yet another change to the handlebar stem. I very much liked the ShockStop suspension but my knees dictated raising the set, then my back and wrists started to take a beating. So… new stem (again). 30deg 100mm this time.


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Frustrated with the lack of a proper rear luggage rack on the Allant+ 8S, I fashioned my own.

A Giant bicycle MIK platform, a Topeak Omni QuickTrack Adapter, four automotive aluminum billet P clamps, some aluminum M5 20mm hex bolts and nylon lock nuts and a LOT of tweaking, fiddling, etc. :)


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A mod I did while on vacation a couple of months ago. The phone holder on the Bosch SmartphoneHub is an ill designed piece of junk. Mine snapped into pieces at about 200 miles. I like the Cobi.bike app and its integration but the phone holder is dangerous. I removed the holder mechanism and mounted a QuadLock Out Front mount. Without the phone, the built in display is still useful for a quick ride but now my iphone is secure when I mount it.


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