Dual drive controller options for loaded touring build


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2:58 PM
Aug 21, 2023
Hi all. Get ready for a novel. New here and already caught the upgrade bug after a few months with my first ebike. To put it bluntly I'm quite heavy at 190cm and 100kg, and I also carry around 15kg worth of camping gear on a rear rack and struggled with some of the steeper fire roads last trip.

To help with the steeper trails I'm looking at a matching front 350w 36v motor (4.33:1) but before I pull the pin I'm looking for advice on dual drive controller options and function. Specifically whether I should stick with the budget Kunteng line of controllers or look for a more reliable brain due to the weight and duration of most rides.

I currently have a kt-25a 36/48v controller mated to a 36v 20ah battery. Good for around 100km per charge off road on graded gravel using throttle with vigorous pedaling. Top speed is 37km with full charge, but it pulls really well between 17-25kph.

I am eyeing off the budget KT dual drive controller but am unsure how the current distribution works (I'm assuming it's 17a max and 8a continuous for each motor based on its size and mosfet count being double that of the usual 17a controllers) but then again it's only marketed as a "350w" controller which has me worried.

Has anyone had experience with the Kunteng 17a dual motor controllers or anything similar? Here's the current setup.