Nvm c5 throttle installation


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Jul 24, 2023
Hi. I live in USA and recently bought NCM C5, I’m wondering if anyone has successfully put throttle into NCM C5? I’ve searched on google A LOT but can’t find anything. The NCM official website has some controller upgrades which specifically say not for C5/C7. So if anyone knows how to put throttle and or upgrade controller to put throttle that would be great!

These are the default electric configurations that it comes with (in USA market)
Battery: Das-Kit, i6-3612, 36V 12AH, 432WH

Hub Motor Rated / Peak Power: Das-Kit, X2, 36V 350W / 600W
Controller: Das-Kit, T6, 36V15A
Charger: Das-Kit, 36V3A
Display: Das-Kit E2

The Das kit motor thing is like a sealed package on the rear wheel- like those wheels they sell in kits to convert "any" bike into e bike (see photo)

Also, this bike has basic caliper brakes (no disc brakes). From the controller, there is only one cable that goes into the motor in wheel. Overall this controller is this- Das Kit D6 -photo

The display is basic, no screen snf receicing that one purple cable from the controller, so to me does not look like upgrading dfsplay only will help.

I am a pretty decent DYIer, and based on what i have figured from battery wattage, motor wattage, controller amp requirements and all, I am thinking what if i bought the following controller and tried to install it?-
https://www.aliexpress.us/item/2251832818572671.html (kit B, see its specifications on the weblink or below-
WF Controller Kit B which has controller and small display and throttle thingy:

KT 36/48V 22A controller 1pcs

KT-LCD4 display 1pcs

Thumb throttle 1pcs

KT-BZ-10C PAS 1pcs

1-2 extend cable(60cm) 1pcs

9Pins extend cable(100cm) 1pcs
1--Rate Voltage:36V/48V
2--Maximum Current:22A
3--Low Voltage Protection:DC30/40V
4--Speed Set:1-4.2V
5--Brake input:Low-level
6-- Torque Simulation Sine Wave Brushless Controller
7--Suitable for 450-500W Sensor motor
8--With Julei waterproof connector,it can waterproof and dustproof.
9--KT 9mosfet controller

Lastly, to confirm and remind, my battery and motor are as follows-
Battery: Das-Kit, i6-3612, 36V 12Ah, 432Wh

Hub Motor Rated / Peak Power: Das-Kit, X2, 36V 350W / 600W

I believe should work?

Just dont know if the new KT controller's motor cable (connector) will plug into mine or not, OR the new controller's battery cable will plug into my battery thing or not. I dont think i need the PAS sensory thing from new controller (so i just leave that out when installing) coz my Das Kit wheel thing has everything packaged inside?

Please bear with me as i might be ignorant on some things here , which is why i am seeking help/ education.

Thanks again


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May 30, 2023
You bought a kit with non-standard connectors. Changing controllers is going to mean significant of re-wiring and splicing of connectors.

3 phase, and, maybe, or maybe not, 5 Halls to the motor. Controller must be compatible with configuration, also wattage ratings.

Battery should be one red, one black. Easy to match. Voltage generally needs to match.

Next time, choose more carefully in order to get what you want. It will be a LOT less hassle, and also less expensive.