Crank Arm removal question


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7:39 AM
Jun 29, 2022
I want to remove my bike's crank arms (and other crank hardware) so I can get accurate measurements for a mid-motor conversion. Does anyone have an idea what type of tool (or tools) I need to remove this type of crank arm? I've never seen anything like this before.
In general, it is called a crank puller. The one you need is likely specific to the brand name of your crank, which you failed to supply. Suggest spend some time with Sheldon Brown. This is a bike problem, not an Ebike problem, and Sheldon's website will almost certainly cover this.
As it turned out, what looked like a welded washer around a nut, turned out to just be a plastic cover! (Fooled me!) Once I popped these plastic covers out, it revealed a normal hex bolt. After the hex bolts were removed I was able to remove the cranks and all the lower hub components with standard bike tool set tools.
Live & learn.
EXACTLY! Live, ride, experiment, gain Experience, ride, when necessary ask an expert... and you are going to need an expert bike mechanic, ride, ride, ride. "Live & learn". Ride safe.