Consumer reports battery fires and explosion

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Ebikes are no different than any other item we choose to be accidents bet.....should owners be aware of proper safety precautions.....yep! Are exploding batteies an epidemic.....nope. Perspective is important........people are injured or die from many products out there.......we just had a local guy seriously injured with his new chain saw........he admits now that he never read the safety guidelines.....he learned about "kickback" the hard way. The point.....the vast majority of ebikers will never see an exploding battery.....especially if they follow correct safety guidlines. Be safe out there.
Just as strapping a container of flammable fuel, direct the flammable fuel into an explosion to propel a vehicle.. once in a while even cars explode on the roads.
The exploding ebike battery epidemic could steer a lot of money toward the oil ranchers.
I was at a tavern the other night and an ebike battery walked in......bartender said......"Hey get out of here.....looks like you're about to start something!"
People die worldwide literally by the thousands every day in auto related crashes. No idea how many are mechanical filure but it too has to be in the thousands daily. We don't see any clickbait headlines about that. Its routine and baked into our daily lives. As ebikes head further into becoming ubiquitous in society, we'll see the same desensitization and sense of perspective set in.