Choosing the right sprocket size for a custom build cyclone ebike


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12:46 AM
Nov 27, 2021
have a custom made cyclone motor ebike using motorcycle #428 chain sprockets. My current setup is powering the motor from a 24v li-ion battery pack but I am planning to upgrade the battery pack to 48v as the motor can handle 24v-72v input at 3000watt.

I have a 14T cog on the motor shaft and I have (2) 49T chainrings. One is connected to the 14T cog on the motor shaft while the other is connected to a 13T cog/sprocket on the bicycle hub at the back. I have good speed on the flat but my hill climbing ability is very poor at 24v.

Which teeth size sprocket would be more suitable to put at the back? so I have good speed on the flat and excellent hill climbing ability at the now 24v that I am using and also whenever I upgrade to 48v that same sprocket would be also suitable too. If not then suggest one for my current 24v setup and one to use with my 48v setup in the future.

You can take a look at this link below and make the suggestions for me please.