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  1. J

    Cyclone 3000w mid drive kit question?

    Do any members have experience with the cyclone 3000w mid drive kit? Any feedback or opinions are welcome! https://lunacycle.com/cyclone-mid-drive-3000w-planetary-kit/?fbclid=IwAR1fzhosbf2K4gM_-oi35lg0hGsf0Kt_zenrFTG4A6QItmRYRchoxQOjjPQ
  2. C

    What fuse for Cyclone 3000Watt high power ebike?

    I want to put a fuse on my battery to protect it from shorting out on my Cyclone 3000W kit with 72Volt and a 40Amp controller. The only problem is I tried putting a fuse on my current 1500W kit with a controller rated for 40A but the holder for the fuse melted - it was an automotive fuse holder...
  3. J

    Cyclone 2 ebike kit

    Hi to everybody I am new to this site. I wonder if anybody has experienced with the Cyclone 2 kit especially 360 watt motor. I have already got an Izip CB 26. I find that the motor is not man enough to climb even a small hill, also find that the bike is far too heavy for me. I have had a heart...